Speed Script provides flexible software solutions and adaptable technology services that enable independent pharmacies to effectively achieve their business goals.

Our flagship products include Speed Script, an all-inclusive pharmacy management system and Speed Script LTC (SSLTC), an electronic facility to pharmacy communication application - fully equipped with drug pass and eMAR technology for long-term care providers. For more than 35 years our defining attribute has been, and still remains, our dedication to sensational customer service.

Opening A Pharmacy

Opening a pharmacy to withstand the test of time takes extraordinary efforts. You don't have to do it alone though. We're here to help.

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Converting to Speed Script

There's a lot to consider when changing software providers. Our structured, step-by-step conversion process will alleviate your stress.

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Speed Script Software Solutions

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Speed Script Pharmacy Software

Simplifying and streamlining the prescription filling process is what Speed Script is all about. Fast, intuitive, user friendly, flexible and accurate - you won't fill another script like you will with Speed Script! Speed Script excels in the retail, clinic, outpatient, LTC, 340B and compounding pharmacy setting.

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Speed Script LTC conquers the unique challenges presented by long-term care environments and enhances communication between long-term care facilities and the dispensing pharmacy. Combining the power of Speed Script Pharmacy Software and SSLTC, the ultimate in patient care can be delivered.

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Speed Script provides a suite of clinical databases and services from multiple business partners providing pharmacies with the up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information they need to support drug dispensing activities, and promote patient drug utilization safety and education.

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