With Speed Script LTC (SSLTC), greater accuracy and workflow efficiency can be achieved – ultimately strengthening the bottom line and improving the relationship between long-term-care facilities and pharmacies.

Are you a Care Facility?

LTC Facility Advantages

Speed Script LTC (SSLTC) is the premier electronic communication mechanism for long-term-care providers. Fully equipped with Drug Pass and eMAR solutions for nurses, physicians, therapists and clinicians who want to enhance communication between pharmacies and long-term-care facilities. SSLTC also reduces clinical paperwork redundancy and turn-around time. It improves resident charting accuracy and efficiency while helping avoid medical errors utilizing barcode technology, pill imaging, prescription verification and drug interaction monitoring.

With SSLTC long-term care clinicians and paraprofessionals can remotely access resident care records using the latest mobile technology (tablets, smart phones, laptops) and document at the point-of-care.

Facility Features
  • Electronic prescribing with interfaces to Speed Script Pharmacy Software
  • Drug pass functionality featuring electronic notes, PRN result documentation and history
  • eMAR production from daily drug pass data collected and entered into SSLTC software
  • Enables the facility and/or the prescriber to produce and send an electronic prescription profile summary to the physician or home health agency
  • Provides electronic medication order request functionality and clinician documentation such as single and batch refill requests and/or batch discontinuation
  • Automated, resident-specific point-of-care checks including adverse drug, disease, and allergy interactions as well as duplicate therapies
  • View and print drug monographs, check for drug/drug interactions, and perform NDC verification with pill image recognition
  • Staff members spend less time manually entering data and more time providing quality resident care
LTC facilities can view and request changes to:
  • Patient information including wing, room, bed, demographics, admittance date, primary and alternate physician as well as Medicare/Medicaid numbers
  • Therapeutic information including level of care, rehab potential, prognosis, diseases, allergies, diagnoses, diet, activities, and treatment orders
  • Medication profiles including current and past medication regimens, build and submit new medication orders as well as medication refill requests, submit medication discontinuation orders, and track external medications and drug pass actions
SSLTC provides facilities with robust, on-demand sorting and reporting features:
  • Print med-sheets, MARs, physician orders and standing orders at the facility
  • Generate and print patient lists, prescription history, activities, and medical charts including behavior/intervention, monthly flow records, physician and treatment orders, diets and changes to patient records

Are you a Pharmacy?

Pharmacy Advantages

SSLTC is the latest addition to our line of pharmacy services that enables pharmacy staff members to save precious time while improving patient-care and increasing productivity. SSLTC was designed specifically to meet the unique challenges presented by long-term-care environments and to enhance the communication between long-term-care facilities and the dispensing pharmacy. Combining the power of Speed Script Nursing Home Software for the pharmacy and SSLTC, the ultimate in patient-care can be delivered.

Automate LTC Medication Administration Requests

SSLTC was created with the needs of both the long-term-care facility and dispensing pharmacy in mind. SSLTC enhances the relationship between long-term-care facilities and dispensing pharmacies by reducing the number of hours spent on patient medical documentation. SSLTC allows immediate access to clinical information stored in the Speed Script Pharmacy Management System to provide the highest level of patient-care.

Benefits of eMARs Using A Basic Computer System

  • Eliminates wasted paper, interruptive phone interactions, blurry faxes and email requests
  • Eliminates re-keying of data at the pharmacy location
  • Improves pharmacy/facility/patient relationship management
  • Speeds up patient point-of-care response time using Internet connectivity and patented data synchronization technology
  • Maximizes point-of-care due to increased productivity and availability of medical information
SSLTC on tablets and mobile devices
  • SSLTC provides electronic communication between long-term-care facilities and dispensing pharmacies via secure, web-based software that runs on laptops, tablets and smart phones and can be accessed anywhere a high-speed Internet connection is available.
  • SSLTC incorporates security measures and role-based data access permissions that are set by the pharmacy, allowing facility staff to view appropriate data and submit requests for modifications to the pharmacy. Role guidelines include: prescriber, external prescriber, nurse, administrator, care-giver and viewer