Rebate Programs

With today's fluctuating economy it's nice to have an extra boost in cash flow. Speed Script partners with healthcare vendors providing pharmacies with rebate programs to strengthen the bottom line.

PDR Network's Carepoints

CarePoints provides a conduit to patients; providing timely therapy and educational information at a critical teaching moment. CarePoints positively changes patient behavior by delivering personalized messages that feature educational information, refill reminders and financial incentives.
  • CarePoints content and messages are tailored to motivate patient behavior
    • Compliance - encourage patients to be more adherent
    • Adjunctive - educate patients about additional therapy
    • Awareness - provide general health and wellness information
    • Informed Option - provide educational resources about other medication options
  • Customized and branded for each pharmacy
  • Personalized for the patient
  • CarePoints are automatically printed when a qualifying prescription is filled
  • CarePoints messages for add-on or alternative therapies can drive additional prescription and OTC sales
  • Pharmacies are paid quarterly for each CarePoint print in the form of a credit towards monthly maintenance fees
  • CarePoints message example

Pharmacy First Rx$hare

Pharmacy First is a national network of retail community pharmacies that share one common goal: accessing incremental revenue and operational programs to enhance their financial foundation while using sound professional judgment and protocols. Pharmacy First offers a menu of programs that assist the pharmacy within the managed care arena by accessing programs that enhance patient compliance and persistency.