Speed Script Sales Team

Rich Turpin, National Sales Manager

Rich Turpin, National Sales Manager, began his career in retail pharmacy sales with McKesson in 1961. He served as their Division Sales Manager in Kansas City before joining the innovative McPike Wholesale Drug Co. as Manager of Retail Operations in 1971. While at McPike, he helped develop one of the very first computer assisted pharmacy systems, called C.A.P.S. Seventeen years later, Turpin became an independent contractor for Zadall Systems Group, selling the Relief Pharmacy and Point of Sale Systems throughout the Midwest. In 2000, he joined Speed Script. His experience and expertise have helped propel Speed Script onto the national market.

Rich is committed to understanding the needs of independent pharmacy owners and to exceeding their expectations by delivering exceptional consultation and services with the highest level of professionalism.

Rich can be reached at rturpin@speedscript.com or by phone at 800-569-1175.

Yen Tran, Sales Manager - Western Division

Yen Tran, Sales Manager, Western Division, began her career in long-term care pharmacy with South Valley Pharmacy Services in 2010. Yen served the Gilroy, CA based pharmacy as a Certified Pharmacy Technician and was promoted to Assistant Manager where she managed the pharmacy’s daily operations, including accounts payable, accounts receivable and business development. While employed at South Valley Pharmacy Services, Yen utilized Speed Script software and Speed Script LTC eMAR software to accelerate the pharmacy’s growth in the long-term care market.

Prior to her involvement in the pharmacy industry, Yen was employed in the finance industry for 7 years as a Loan Processor, Underwriter and Mortgage Loan Consultant.

In her position with Speed Script, Yen focuses on sales initiatives and business development in the Western region of the United States. Yen’s direct experience and intimate knowledge of the pharmacy industry arm her with unique advantages to expertly consult and assist independent pharmacy owners with business growth.

Yen can be reached at ytran@speedscript.com or directly by phone at 913-643-2472.

Shaun Cramer, Sales Assistant

Shaun Cramer, Sales Assistant, began his career with Speed Script as a part time administrative assistant. As the administrative assistant he managed accounts receivables and customer statements. In October of 2012 Cramer became the full time sales assistant where he generates all contracts for new and existing Speed Script customers, manages the company wide purchasing of computer equipment, and still handles accounts receivables and customers statements each month. Prior to joining Speed Script full time, Shaun was employed in the wireless communication industry where he focused on sales and account management.

Shaun can be reached at scramer@speedscript.com or directly by phone at 913-643-2469.