Converting To Speed Script Software

Generally speaking, no-one particularly likes change. But when change means all-inclusive technology, better workflow, advanced medication adherence features, faster prescription processing and automation of tasks to save time and ease your workload, how can you resist change? That’s exactly what converting to Speed Script will do for your pharmacy. It's also likely that we can save you money long-term while providing an improved technology and customer service experience.

Relax and Don't Stress - We've Done This Before

Over the past 35+ years Speed Script has successfully performed thousands of software conversions. We will do everything within our power to make your conversion to Speed Script pharmacy software as stress-free as possible. Make no mistake, converting to a new software platform used to be time consuming and stressful, but with the expertise and commitment of our technical staff, you can rest assured that we’ll get you off to a fantastic new beginning with Speed Script.

Hands-On Pre-Conversion

The moment you decide that Speed Script is the pharmacy system for your business our customer support team will contact our business partner, Two Point Conversions, Inc. to begin your conversion process. Two Point will assist in extracting the data out of your existing pharmacy system and prepare it for a test conversion. As soon as the test data is ready, our support representative will import it into your new Speed Script server and provide you with secure remote access so that you can begin checking the conversion for integrity and accuracy. This step will also allow you to practice using Speed Script software. Please ask your Speed Script sales representative about the specific data fields that will convert from your existing software to Speed Script.

A Successful New Beginning

Once you’re comfortable with the data conversion, our customer support team will travel to your pharmacy and install your new system. During the onsite data conversion every prescription, even the last one you filled on your old system, will be converted to Speed Script, eliminating the task of re-keying a day’s worth of prescriptions. As soon as the conversion is finished, we’ll check the data for accuracy and immediately begin training your staff. The next morning we’ll continue training and take you into that all import day of going live with Speed Script!

Personalized Attention and Service - 24/7

Speed Script trainers generally stay onsite for up to 3 days to ensure that every new customer has a successful transition. Once training is complete, our support staff is available via telephone to answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trainers are also our support representatives, so don’t be shocked to hear a familiar voice when you call in with questions.

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