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Speed Script LTC - An eMAR Solution

Speed Script LTC

Speed Script LTC (SSLTC) was created specifically to meet the needs of today’s long-term care environment by enhancing communication between the facility and the dispensing pharmacy. With our solution, long-term care clinicians and paraprofessionals have immediate electronic access to up-to-date resident care records and clinical information stored in the dispensing pharmacy’s system, ultimately reducing phone, fax and email interactions while improving accuracy.

By providing the long-term care facility with an eMAR solution, including DRUG PASS functionality and robust reporting capabilities, pharmacy staff members spend less time manually entering data and more time providing quality patient care all while reducing paperwork and increasing accuracy.

Understanding the unique challenges that long-term care facilities face, we’ve designed SSLTC with a secure, role-based interface to support each user class: Nurse, Prescriber, External Prescriber, Administrator, Caregiver, and Viewer. The user-friendly, easy to learn and use web-based interface provides the capabilities demanded by long-term care facilities that require:

  • eMAR production from daily data collected and entered into the SSLTC program
  • wireless, point-of-care access to patient medical history using the latest mobile technology, including smart phones
  • electronic documentation at the point-of-care
  • enhanced communication between the facility and dispensing pharmacy
  • reduced prescription/medical errors due to illegible handwriting
  • electronic submission of new prescriptions and orders to the Speed Script Pharmacy System
  • electronic submission of refill requests directly to the host pharmacy’s refill queue
  • electronic submission of batch refills directly into the host pharmacy’s refill queue
  • the ability to include external prescriptions filled by other pharmacies on the eMAR
  • LTC staff access to the Medi-Span ® Master Drug Database (MDDB) which performs automatic, patient-specific point-of-care checks for adverse drug-drug, drug-disease, drug-allergy interactions and duplicate therapy checks along with drug images
  • the ability to visually verify the correct medication with a drug image
  • the ability to allow the hospital and/or practice/physician to produce an electronic prescription profile
  • the ability to send an electronic prescription summary to the hospital or home health agency
  • reduced clinical paperwork
  • improved accuracy of resident charting
  • pharmacy specific inventory selection
  • eMAR messages tie a specific action to a particular drug which prints on the eMAR

Speed Script LTC incorporates security measures and role-based data access permissions, allowing the facility staff to view the appropriate data and electronically submit requests for modifications to the pharmacy.

LTC facilities can:

  • View and submit changes to wing, room, bed, demographics, admittance date, physician and Medicare number
  • Transfer and discharge  patients
  • Submit requests for new medications
  • Be forewarned of potential drug/drug, drug/allergy, or drug/disease interactions, allowing the prescriber to make any necessary changes to the patient’s therapy
  • Be notified if a new medication represents a duplicate therapy
  • Request medication refills
  • Discontinue medication

The SSLTC application has robust, on-demand sorting and reporting features:

  • Physician Order Sheets, MARs/eMARs, Resident Flow Records, Standing Orders, Behavior/Monthly Flow Records as well as patient lists, prescription history, activities, diets, controlled drug usage reports and changes to patient records

Speed Script LTC is secure, HIPAA compliant, and password protected, ensuring the highest levels of data integrity. The SSLTC provides control over how data is viewed, accessed and modified in the SSLTC application defaults and administration features on an individual basis - by user and facility. With Speed Script LTC, long-term care facilities and pharmacy staff members always work with the most current data available, providing maximum accuracy and the best patient care.

The applications framework and workflow features help the pharmacy staff avoid work interruptions and focus on prescription volume. Speed Script Nursing Home software alerts the pharmacy when long-term care requests are available. While processing new prescription requests, technicians have the opportunity to substitute or change a request before fulfilling it. Once the requests are reviewed and accepted by the pharmacy, both systems are synchronized / updated and remain current for the next round of requests.

Speed Script LTC transmits facility requests to the pharmacy using patented data synchronization technology that provides the pharmacy with the ability to service multiple LTC facilities from one central location. Both the pharmacy management system and the information viewable at the facility are synchronized, providing accurate, up-to-date information, ultimately improving patient care.

Utilizing Speed Script’s hosted, secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) and SaaS (software as a service) solution, pharmacies are able to communicate with LTC facilities without the need to install additional hardware in the facility, and with minimal startup costs. With only two basic requirements—Speed Script software in the pharmacy and a PC or mobile device with high speed Internet connectivity in the LTC facility—both businesses have the ability easily communicate electronically.

The long-term care population is increasing daily. With Speed Script LTC, we’re making it easier for pharmacies to capitalize on the opportunities that exist in the long-term care market.

For more information about Speed Script LTC, or to arrange a demonstration please contact Chuck Welch at 913-643-2462 or 800-569-1175.

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