Speed Script Pharmacy Management Systems and Services

Speed Script provides flexible software solutions and adaptable technology services that enable independent pharmacies to effectively achieve their business goals.

Our flagship products include Speed Script PRM, an all-inclusive pharmacy management system, Speed Script POS, an integrated point-of-sale system for managing your front-end sales and Speed Script LTC (SSLTC), an electronic facility to pharmacy communication application - fully equipped with drug pass and eMAR technology for long-term care providers. For more than 40 years our defining attribute has been, and still remains, our dedication to sensational customer service.

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Patient Relationship Management

In today’s competitive environment, a typical pharmacy management system is not good enough. Patient Relationship Management (PRM) is the future of pharmacy. Letting software and technology help manage patients and letting pharmacists and employees do what is important, help patients with their healthcare. See what Speed Script PRM offers, which helps in your daily tasks and lets you focus on what matters most, your patients.

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Point of Sale

Integrated directly into the Speed Script (PRM) system, the Speed Script Point of Sale (POS) works seamlessly with the wireless signature capture app and other Speed Script (PRM) systems. While processing chip cards, HSA/FSA cards, iPhone and Android payment systems and the built in in-house charge accounts feature. Brining a state-of-the-art, POS system to independent pharmacies.

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Long Term Care

With all the technology available, Speed Script Long Term Care (LTC) has made communication with LTC sites more streamlined and timely. No more trying to read faxes, no more phone calls, and no more miscommunication between the pharmacy and the LTC sites you support. See how Speed Script LTC has revolutionized the communication, with a patented communication system.

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Speed Script PRM
Patient Relationship Management

Speed Script PRM, is built with today’s independent pharmacy in mind. Integrating features like Text Messaging, Electronic Document Storage and Management, Wireless Signature Capture, Mobile Delivery App, Accounts Receivable/In-House Charge Accounts, Custom Reporting, and many other features built directly into the Speed Script PRM system.

Managing patients and their prescriptions, let the Speed Script PRM system help with Automated Refill Reminders, Medication Synchronization, System Wide Barcoding, Rx Verify and many other system features to help with day-to-day functions and routine tasks.

Along with all of the functionality built into the Speed Script PRM system, comes interfaces to many different automation products, spanning from IVR systems, robotics systems, compliancy packaging systems, and many other systems to help you run your pharmacy.

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Speed Script POS
Point of Sale

Built with the independent pharmacy in mind, the Speed Script POS system is built directly into the Speed Script PRM system. No need for interfaces or separate backups. The Speed Script PRM and POS systems share the same database and system features.

Speed Script POS system contains the ability to process many different types of credit cards, HSA/FSA cards and electronic wallet systems. With the integrated wholesaler information retrieval system, set your order points for OTC items and let the system do the work for you.

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Speed Script LTC
Long Term Care and eMAR

Speed Script Long Term Care (LTC), allows you to print many different forms needed in today’s ever changing LTC environment. With the ability to auto-charge prescriptions, assign patients to existing homes, build reports by home, batch fill scripts by home, and many other features needed to run an LTC pharmacy.

Speed Script LTC integrates directly with the Speed Script eMAR system and shares information directly with your LTC facilities. No more trying to cypher different notes on faxes, let your LTC facilities discontinue scripts, request refills, change orders, update patient information, and many other functions without the need to guess.

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